Local Citations

Why Buy Local Business Citations?

You’ve spent weeks building your business, putting every little detail together and now you’re ready to take in customers and soon. The world! But one thing remains, you need to get the word out about your business. Google Local has become the #1 source for new business online, and Local Business Citations are the first online gold.

So you sit down and start building citations one by one. One agonizing hour after the next only to realize you have only completed 25 of about 350 and your 6 hours in. Not to mention you spend most of your time finding relevant local directories to submit your business to. This is why Tufi SEO was born.

We know you don’t have 36 free hours to sit in front of your computer, entering your business information over and over and over. But it must be done. Remember the old days when you just called the phone book, and that was all the advertising your business needed? The Phone book didn’t just disappear, it split into over 350 different parts, and we know every single one of them. We’re happy to manually add your business to every local directory, increasing your activities online exposure and producing the valuable citations necessary for high rankings in Google Local and other local listing directories. Try our local citation building service, and you won’t regret it.

Why Use Us?

Local Business Citations are what we do. They are all we do, and when you do one thing and specialise you get good at it (and we are). Our team of 24 data entry specialists take the time necessary to painstakingly enter your business details into every Local Directory your business qualifies for. This is often 350, but at times we will find more than 350 Local Directories your business qualifies for. If we do see more than 350 directories, we will enter your business in those additional directories fro no additional charge.

This saves your business potentially hundreds of hours firstly because you don’t need to spend the time it takes to find all of the directories your business qualifies for. You see, not all activities are entered into the same directories. Some directories are only for insurance agencies, and others are only for taxi cab companies others for manufacturing companies, and the list goes on and on. After you place your order, the first thing we do is spend hours searching the web for local directories that are tailored to your industry.

Because we look specifically for industry-specific directories your business is directly in line with Google Local standards, and this aids in the boost your business will receive from our services, not to mention the added online exposure.

As a thank you for allowing us to handle this delicate process, we spend an additional day and optimize your Google Local page further enhancing your businesses online presence and in turn drawing additional customers and clients to your business.

When this process is complete (within 14 business days), you’ll receive a detailed report explaining the locations of each Local Directory and where you can find your business information within each directory. We have hundreds of satisfied clients, and we’d be honoured to make you one of them.

Why Buy Citations?

Although it’s still delivered, no one uses the Phone Book anymore. Unless you sell geriatric medicine, your customers are using Google Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle and anyone of the hundreds of online local directory sites to find your business. If your business is not in each directory, it as if you don’t exist.

But there is a juggernaut of these directories, and that’s Google Local. Because Google Local search results usually appear above average search results, your business is missing out on potentially 20% of additional business by not having a top listing in Google Local.

Local Business Directory listings AKA Citations are the #1 factor Google Local uses to rank your business in Google Local. And it is a numbers game. The question Google Local asks itself is. “Which business has the most Citations, and which citations are the most relevant?”

That’s why we don’t just pick 350 local directories at random. We take the time to search and find the exact lists that match your industry. That way, when Google Local asks those two questions, your business not only has a lot of Citations, but they are entirely relevant to your industry.

We treat each of our clients as if your business were our own. Double-checking each Citation to make sure your business details are 100% correct. If there is just one error in the Citation, it will not count. And in a competition like Google Local, every Citation counts.

Place your order today and let us show you how well we treat our clients, you won’t be disappointed.


Most frequent questions and answers
No, not at all. Local Business Directory Submissions AKA Citations are a natural process that will happen by itself even if you do not purchase our services. However, waiting for each directory to find your business and add it to its Local Directory naturally can take years (if it ever fully happens). Our service speeds up this process to 14 days and enables your business to reap the benefits of a top Google Local Listing and additional customers from Local Directories.
No, each Local Directory is laid out in a completely different way and no software can account for the nuances of each Local Directory. This requires your Local Directory Submissions to be completed by hand by a human. This also enables us to pay close attention and make sure each Citation is 100% accurate.
Because Google Local is a competition based system we cannot control they’re decisions and cannot guarantee they’re listings. But, no matter what (even if you do not purchase your Citations from us) you will need hundreds of Citations to be the number one listing in Google Local.
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No, your Citations are permanent and will never expire as long as you are in business.
We do not recommend this because we already go above and beyond the call of duty and add your business to any and all qualifying Local Directories we find. If we find 450 Local Directories that your business qualifies for, well add your business to all of those directories at no additional cost to you.
Each order is treated with the utmost respect and urgency. Because your Citations are entered by hand, we cannot complete your Citations faster than 14 Business days.
First we search the web for industry specific Local Directories. Then when we have added your business to all industry specific local directories we add your business to the generic local directories like: whitepages.com, yp.com, merchantcircle.com, etc. This often creates more than 350 Citations but were happy to go above and beyond and no additional cost to you.
Yes, please Contact Us for more details.
Yes, if you own multiple businesses and place orders for more than one business at the same time we give you a 15% discount on your total.
Yes, we can provide Citations for: US, UK, Canada and Australia